White Strips

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening is done to help enhance an individuals white and bright smile. One of the easiest ways to help your teeth stay healthy and white is by brushing and flossing a couple times each day. Over time patients may feel like their smile has become dull and are looking for ways to restore its brightness.

What are Whitening Strips?

Whitening strips are thin strips that contain a peroxide-based gel. These strips are applied to both your upper and lower teeth, and they are used at home. Whitening strips are the most popular method for individuals to whiten their teeth at home, and they can be found easily in drug stores and large retail stores.

How do Whitening Strips Work?

Most at-home whitening strips contained a peroxide-based gel. This peroxide helps to restore your teeth to their natural color by bleaching your teeth over the course of treatment. The strips need to be applied twice a day for two weeks. Once you have applied the strips to your teeth they need to stay on for thirty minutes. During this time the peroxide will encounter your teeth’s enamel and gradually remove the discoloration and surface stains.

When Should I Brush my Teeth?

It is highly recommended to brush your teeth thirty minutes before applying the whitening strips. Brushing will help to remove the bacteria and plaque residing on your teeth allowing the strips to work more effectively. Please feel free to brush your teeth immediately following your treatment if you notice any excess gel/residue. By continuing to follow proper oral hygiene, including brushing morning and night, you will help keep your newly whitened teeth looking beautiful longer.

As always, it is important to talk to your dental professional before starting a tooth whitening regimen. Dr. Sim will go over your dental history and desired outcome to help you find the best option.