Laser Bleaching

Laser Bleaching

Hoping to get whiter teeth but don’t want to deal with an at-home whitening regimen? Dr. Sim offers in-office laser bleaching that can usually be completed within one visit.

What is Laser Bleaching and How is it Done?

Laser bleaching is a whitening procedure that must be done in our office. The treatment will take approximately two hours to complete, and rarely require additional treatments at home. During the treatment, a hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to each tooth and then a laser is used to speed up the bleaching process. Depending on the desired results you may need numerous treatments, or you may need to use whitening trays at home as well. This procedure has a very high success rate and you should be able to enjoy the results for about two years if you follow the post-treatment care plan.

Is Laser Bleaching Safe?

Laser bleaching is considered safe and will not soften existing fillings or enamel. Our office takes various precautions to help reduce tooth/gum sensitivity. Some of the precautions taken include soft/rubber dams to protect your gums, cheek retractors and desensitizing toothpaste. Dr. Sim will conduct a dental exam to ensure you’re a candidate for this type of whitening procedure.

What are My Other Options?

There are other options available to help whiten your teeth including ones that can be done at home. Please read our pages on whitening strips and bleaching trays to learn more about these specific options.

Please contact our Merrillville office to learn more about laser bleaching along with the other tooth whitening options available.