Traditional Brackets

Traditional Brackets / Braces

The most common orthodontic treatment offered at Family Dental Care are traditional brackets.

What Are Traditional Brackets?

When patients are told they need braces they often imagine the traditional metal brackets. Modern metal brackets are much smaller now and can utilize a heat-activated archwire to help move your teeth more efficiently and will less pain. We typically recommend traditional brackets for patients who have more severe orthodontic issues, such as overcrowding.

How Are Metal Braces Installed?

Metal braces are made from either titanium or stainless steel and are comprised of three separate parts. During your first appointment, we will install your braces and go over proper care. We will begin by bonding the bracket to the front of each tooth; then, the archwire is guided through the brackets and will be used to guide the teeth into their proper place by using a slight amount of pressure.

What Happens During Appointments?

Most of your appointments will include tightening the archwires to help maintain proper pressure. We will also change out the rubber bands and check to make sure you are keeping up with your oral hygiene. After your appointment, it is normal to feel discomfort along with the sensation that your teeth are loose. Once your treatment is completed these will subside.

Please contact the office of Dr. Sim to schedule your consultation, and learn about which orthodontic treatment is best for you!