Ceramic Braces

Ceramic brackets offer patients a discreet way of having traditional braces.

What Are Ceramic Brackets?

Ceramic braces are comprised of clear, or tooth-colored, brackets that are the same shape and size as metal braces. To help make your braces less noticeable we can also use a tooth-colored archwire.

What Should I Expect During Appointments?

Ceramic braces are comprised of three parts like their metal counterparts. Your first appointment will take the longest due to installing the ceramic brackets by adhering them to each tooth using a special glue. We will begin by bonding the bracket to the front of each tooth; then, the archwire is guided through the brackets and will be used to guide the teeth into their proper place by using a slight amount of pressure. After your initial appointment, most appointments will not take as long. We will check to make sure your brackets are still secure, that your taking proper care of them, and then we will tighten the archwire slightly.

Are Ceramic Braces Just as Effective?

Dr. Sim recommends ceramic braces for those patients who have slight misalignments, those with severe misalignments will need traditional metal brackets. Treatment time will also vary depending on the amount of adjustment needed.

How Do I Care for Them?

To help keep your ceramic braces from becoming stained it’s important to follow proper oral hygiene. We encourage our patients to limit their intake of highly pigmented beverages and foods, along with smoking.

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