Tooth Extraction

Patients often are told they need extractions for a wide variety of reasons. Regardless if you need impacted wisdom teeth removed or need a single tooth taken out, Dr. Sim takes pride in making sure his extractions are as pain-free as possible.

What is a Dental Extraction?

A dental extraction is when a tooth, or teeth, are fully removed from the socket located in your jawbone. There are numerous reasons why patients will need to undergo dental extractions, the most common being removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth need to be removed to either allow room for the remaining teeth to be aligned in their proper positions or because they have become impacted and are at risk for infection. The most common that a tooth would need to be removed is from decay that has damaged the nerve, resulting in infection.

Why do dentists perform tooth extractions?

What to Expect During the Extraction

Our friendly staff will start by going over the procedure with you and deciding the best way to extract the tooth/teeth. We also need to know of any medications you are currently taking, and patients need to refrain from smoking the day of the procedure. During your procedure, we will use a local anesthetic, and then Dr. Sim will make a small incision into your gum to remove the tooth.

After the Extraction

We strongly encourage you to arrange for transportation home after your extraction. Before heading home, we will make a follow-up appointment and go over the recovery instructions. For the first few days follow the procedure it is important to eat only soft and cool food, along with avoiding smoking, spitting, or using straws. This will help to keep the blood clot from being disturbed, along with helping to avoid developing a dry socket.

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